You Live and You Learn

The class of Advances Theories of communication at the University of Ottawa was a very memorable class. I don’t know about you but I can definitely say, in all my 19 years as a student, I’ve never had a professor like Pierre Lévy. Of course, I mean that in the nicest way possible. Throughout the entire semester, he encouraged the use of Twitter as a method of communication and a form of note taking in his classroom. I can truly say I’ve never had a professor tell their students not to take notes other than with the use of Twitter using a specific hashtag “#UOAC”. You can say I found that very strange. In 2016, with all this technology that has consumed us we still don’t use it to our full potential. But you can’t say that about professor Levy. He embraces it during his lectures. His method of teaching is a very unique one nonetheless, I can honestly say it was one of my favourite ones. With that being said I learned in this classroom that communication and language are the key and we hold the power of change. Technology is powered by us and our abilities as a use of manipulation. We have the possibility to impact the readers, but if we aren’t staying updated with all this new form of technology how will we impact the most readers possible?

At the beginning of the semester one student raised her hand and freely asked the professor “how will this help us or be used for the future?”(Ahmad, 2016) She was referring to his material that was learned throughout the semester. The professor had replied by saying this won’t really help you, it’s more for your knowledge. I found that somewhat strange. Be that as it may, the students of CMN 3109 came together and agreed that this class wasn’t impractical at all, it was very informative, which I agreed with. I can honestly say that I have learned a thing or two during the lectures. Not only did we get to use Twitter during class but we also had the chance to submit Stories about anything we wanted regarding this class of course using our tweets. The first story I talked about was why the use of social media . Then I went on to talking about the good in social media and how we applied it in class. Which I found ironic in the sense that I was trying to prove a theory to a professor who already believed in it. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed putting my thoughts and the tweets of my classmates together to prove a point I strongly believe in. You can always tune in to Twitter to see the amazing tweets the class of CMN 3109 produced during the fall semester of 2016.

As the name of the class validates, I am a third-year communication student. To me communication is the key to everything. Without it we wouldn’t be where we are today. Communication is both verbal and non-verbal. You communicate sadness with tears and happiness with a smile.In this class I learned about more then just that, I saw the science behind things and saw how everything was interconnected. On the other hand, I never looked beyond something, I never flipped the coin to see what the other side beholds. I always took things as they were. I’ve only ever seen what’s on the surface. Just like an Iceberg, where you only see 10% of it above the water but if you take a second to look beneath the surface you will see a whole new 90% you never knew about. I guess you can say that what I’m trying to prove is that this class has taught me to look beyond the surface. So, to see beyond what’s in front of me. When we started the class and the professor told us to only take notes via twitter, I was very skeptical. I did not want to have an open mind towards his new method of teaching despite the fact that I am considered to be part of the millennials generation and you know we are known for our excessive use of technology.

If you haven’t deducted it by now, you can say I am someone that doesn’t like nor believe in change. I have my methods and I know what works for me. I like my routine. But when I was forced to change my methods during this one class for the sake of my grade of course, I learned a whole new way I never knew could be possible before. The same goes for my life. I like things to be a certain way, I was never open to the idea of change because of the routine I got used to and found safe. But this class has shown me a whole new way in just 4 months. The class of CMN 3109 has taught me that we hold the power, we have the ability to transform the environment by creating the atmosphere together. If we believe in us the way Professor Lévy believed in his method of teaching, there isn’t anything we can’t do. I promised myself to apply this to my day to day life, to deviate from the 10% that I know and to explore this whole new 90% I was never brave enough to do. I hold this class very dear to my heart, I have learned to step outside the box of my comfort zone. To have an open mind.

Professor Lévy has shown us a lot throughout the semester from physical communication to biological communication, even animal communication and obviously the human one. He then went along to explain to us the use of signs and symbols. We moved on to making sense of dialectic, Rhetoric and the meaning of grammar. We finished the class by talking about the collective intelligence at the service of human development. (Lévy, 2016) I found all that interesting but I will be honest, to me and my career it wasn’t something I found very useful in the sense that I can apply it to my everyday life. But twice a week when I showed up to class we had to tweet our notes with the #UOAC and this new method is what allowed me to have an open mind in life and towards my career. Had it not been for this class, I would have been limited to that 10% of the iceberg visible above the water therefore, I would have never discovered a whole new 90% that could be beneficial to me. For this reason, I would like to thank professor Lévy for allowing me to go beyond the limits I had set for myself because I found them safe and in allowing me to take a leap of faith in this newly discovered 90% to my life.

With all that being said, I would like to thank you for this new innovative strategy that allowed us to create discussion and also share new ideas with our class.

Until next time! 🙂



Ahmad, Neven (2016). Advanced Theories of Communication. Retrieved from class discussions.

Lévy, Pierre (2016). Advanced Theories of Communication. Retrieved from class lectures powerpoints.


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